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An overview of your upcoming journey at Interview Gyan

Step 1

Know Your Current Level

Appear for the “English Comprehensive Test” that identifies your weak areas by rating you on 5 parameters.

  • Grammar knowledge
  • Length of an Impromptu Speech
  • Grammar accuracy in speech
  • Structure of ideas in speech
  • Audience Engagement

How it Helps?

Training groups are formed solely on the basis of your ratings obtained from the results of English Comprehensive Test. People with ratings in the similar range are grouped together to ensure that each of you learns at his/her comfortable pace.

Step 2

Know the Promised Measurable Results

While most Spoken English institutes don’t promise any measurable results, we do so. Depending on your test ratings, we accurately tell you the results that you can achieve by the end of the course.

  • An improvement of 60% in Grammar accuracy
  • An increase of 100% in the length of structured speeches

What does that mean?

No matter how long you can speak now, we promise a 100% increase in the length of speech. So, if you can deliver a 5 minutes Impromptu Speech now, we promise you will be able to deliver a 10 minutes Impromptu Speech after finishing the course. Now, you may say, “That’s fine that I will speak for 10 minutes but what if, I talk nonsense.” So, to clarify, when we say that you will speak for 10 minutes after finishing the course, we mean you will speak sensibly (logically) for 10 minutes and your ideas will be well-structured. Similarly, if you speak with 50% grammar accuracy now, we promise an increase of 60% i.e. by the end of the course your accuracy will be 80%.

Step 3

Buy the demo session and attend it.

We want you to experience the difference that one quality session can bring in your English Skills. Pay Rs. 500 and book an appointment for the demo session. Attend the session and share your valuable feedback.

Step 4

Did you like the session?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “I am from Hindi Medium Background. I make lots of mistakes in grammar. I don’t get ideas to speak. I can speak for only 15-20 seconds on a given topic. If I have an idea, I first make a sentence in Hindi and then try translating it to English. I feel hesitation to talk in English. My confidence is low. How will the course help me?” - Rahul

Don’t worry Rahul. You are not alone. We have many students at Interview Gyan with the same problem areas. Your course will start from the basic grammar to build foundation and through step by step learning you will start speaking English.

Promised targets

  • After the course, your Grammar Accuracy will improve to almost 80%.
  • You will be able to speak for a minimum of 5 minutes on spontaneous topics.
  • Your hesitation to talk in English will decrease as the course progresses.

Q. What if, I do not achieve the promised targets during the course?

We offer unlimited number of sessions in Learn English Course. If the promised target improvement is not achieved, you can continue attending the sessions in some other group, till the targets are achieved.

Q. Alright, in the above case will I have to pay the course fees again?

No, you will not pay the course fees again.

Q. “I am a Software Engineer. My manager appreciates me for the quality work that I deliver. He has recently given me the responsibility to handle the offshore client meetings. I know even the minutest details of the project but my English gives me a tough time during the project call. I can explain the same details in e-mail but speaking them makes me nervous. I am losing my confidence.” – Sachin

Sachin, your query tells us that you are particularly struggling with problems in spontaneous speaking. The ease with email writing is an indication that if you have time to frame sentences in English, you feel confident. That is good news indeed. It means we need to reduce your time taken to respond in English. This is taken care of in the course. Your course will focus on visualization of grammar in early sessions. Bullet Point technique will come handy in arranging ideas in a structure. With speaking activities based course, you will get enough chances to practice this and many other techniques.

Promised targets

  • We rely on the results of Comprehensive Evaluation Test to promise targets. However, your query tells that you have almost 60% accuracy in grammar.
  • After the course, your Grammar Accuracy will improve to almost 90%.
  • You will be able to speak for a minimum of 10 minutes on spontaneous topics. We mean you will speak sensibly (logically) for a minimum of 10 minutes on spontaneous topics and your ideas will be well-structured.

What differentiates us?

Speak and Learn

Each session begins with the Interview Gyan proprietary Wander Ponder Speaking Activity. The regular 15 minutes interaction makes the difference in the long run and ensures that you give away the fear of interacting in English.

Timeline Approach for Tenses

Build a solid foundation of Tenses with the Visualization or Timeline Approach. If you are one among the people who first frame a sentence in their native language and then translate it to English, you will experience the miraculous change in the way you speak English with this technique.

More than 25 Speaking Activities

The only magic to learn anything is to practice and we will help you do just that. You will participate in more than 25 speaking activities throughout the course - each activity designed to improve you on a specific area. The step-by-step approach ensures that you learn readily.

Individual Mentoring

Each time you participate in a speaking activity (and trust us, you will be participating in every single session), you get an individual feedback on all the major aspects of your performance. Trainers pin point the skill that needs to be targeted for improvement and guide you with relevant solution.

Thursday Feedback Form

The issues of the candidates are resolved with utmost priority. To ensure that no issue remains unresolved, the support staff takes your feedback every Thursday.

Personality Transformation

With innovative activities such as Bullet Point and Threading that target to improve your ability to communicate logically, we not only focus on teaching English but also on effective communication. As a result, you become a better speaker.

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