“I experienced miraculous changes with the Interview Training. It made me confident, calm and above all a real person ”

- Samyak Samar, L&T Limited, Mumbai

This write up is dedicated to my experience with INTERVIEW GYAN (Noida centre). I am Samyak Samar, currently working at Larsen & Toubro limited in Defence IC as a Postgraduate management trainee. I have completed my masters in Mechanical Engineering from BITS Pilani, Bachelors from Manipal University and 12th from DPS Ranchi. Currently, my work is related to the design and analysis of defence equipments. After one year I will be given the executive cadre, whose role will be mainly related to Project management. It was the summer of 2017 when I approached Interview Gyan (Noida Centre). It was preparation time for my campus placement. All the top MNCs were about to visit my college for the campus placements. I was quite confident about my technical knowledge. I had prepared a lot during my bachelors for GATE and other engineering examinations. But somewhere I was not confident regarding communication skills as I had not appeared for an interview earlier. I came to know about Interview Gyan through the internet. Seeing the reviews, I approached the coaching. I had 15 days of training which mainly included HR interview preparation followed by GDs. I would like to thank Priyanka ma'am as she was an invaluable source of advice, motivation and guidance throughout my 15 days of rigorous training. I had practiced around 15 mock interviews and at the end of each interview, my pros and cons were identified, which were rectified or improved in later sessions. This finally made me confident, calm and above all a real person. In the last mock interview, I was totally satisfied with my performance as I was able to communicate my feelings to the interviewer with ultimate confidence.

Now, it was time to face a real interview at my college. L&T was the 2nd company to arrive in the college (I didn't clear the cutoff for the 1st company). I cleared the technical written and technical interview round. It was time for my HR interview round (lasted up to 40 minutes) for which I had been preparing. It was a panel of two highly experienced HR professionals. The interview started with the introduction and my hobbies. As I am very much interested in current affairs and general knowledge, the interview was mainly focused on these areas. At that moment I experienced the importance of the perfect guidance by Interview Gyan. I was able to put my points and defend it very perfectly by analyzing the situation. It was a kind of stress interview, and I calmly answered and convinced the panel – they were convinced and I could see it on their faces.

Finally, I got selected and I had a perfect job with a top engineering conglomerate where I had always wished to work. I would advice all those who think that their communication skills are pushing them behind, visit this place and see miraculous changes in you. Above all these changes will come only when you work hard with full dedication walking hand in hand with INTERVIEW GYAN. Regards Samyak Samar(PGMT L&T limited Powai, Mumbai)

“When I joined here I did not have confidence to speak in front of others but now I see a lot of change in myself.”

-Momita Mehra

This is my personal experience with Interview Gyan. My name is Momita Pathani Mehra. I am from Haldwani, Nainital. I completed M tech (CS) from Himgiri Zee University, Dehradun. Before that I had completed MSc (IT) from Graphic Era University, Dehradun and BSc(IT) from Institute of Technology Management, Dehradun. I did schooling from GGIC, Pitthoragarh. My main motive to join IG was because I wanted to improve my communication skills and remove my hesitation to speak in front of others. Before joining IG, if someone spoke to me in English, at that time I felt nervous. My confidence level was very low. I could not explain my point of view. Many times I went for interviews and interviewer asked questions to me. I knew answers of those questions, but due to my poor communication skills and low confidence, I was not able to explain my answer in front of interviewer. These types of incidents pushed me to think about improving my communication skills. I searched on Google for English Speaking courses where I got to know about Interview Gyan and I came here for attending a demo class. I liked the demo session. In the demo session, the trainer asked some questions to each student. I saw that she was trying to understand the problem areas of each student. She tried to remove fear and hesitation from everyone. Since most of the students were feeling nervous, they couldn’t explain their view properly. At that time, Ma’am helped them. Her way of explanation was very good. She motivated every student of the class. All these things impressed me very much and I joined the course.

When I joined here I did not have confidence to speak in front of others but now I see a lot of change in myself. It was a great experience with my trainer. We were taught in a simple and easy way. The trainer knew how to handle each and every student in the class. In the end, IG is the best place to learn English in an easy way.

“I had tried to learn grammar from books but I couldn't understand. Now, I understand grammar.”

-Govind, B.Tech student

I am Govind, a B.Tech (Computer Science) student from Accurate College, Greater Noida. My journey in Interview Gyan began almost one and a half months back and is still going on. When I came here to join the course, I did not have English grammar knowledge. But Grammar is very important for me because when companies come for placements in my college, they first conduct Aptitude Test. The test has English Section which checks Grammar. And, it is very important to clear this Test to be eligible for the next round of selection. I had no idea about Tenses. I had tried to learn grammar from books but I couldn't understand.

Thanks to Ghazal ma'am, her way of teaching is excellent which I cannot express in words. Now, I am able to write and understand the grammar. GDs and Presentations are conducted in the classes. Before I joined IG, I felt nervous and scared if anyone asked me to introduce myself or if anyone started talking to me in English. By attending Group Discussions and Presentations, my fear and nervousness has reduced and now I am able to speak English in front of anyone. My trainer helped me a lot. She cleared all doubts from Day 1. If I had a problem, then she cleared the basics giving me many examples. I have improved a lot by attending the classes. Thanks to Interview Gyan.

“The course brought terrific improvement in my personality. So, I wanted to keep on attending the classes. They actually allowed me to do so.”

-Birendra Singh, B.A. Student

(This testimonial has been written by Birendra Singh. Grammatical mistakes in the testimonial have not been corrected to maintain the authenticity. Birendra’s dedication to improve his English is commendable. He has been regular in the course and has shown remarkable improvement. He has already given 5 minutes speeches. Presently, he is attending his second batch at Interview Gyan and we hope that he will improve further.)

I am Birendra Singh. I am 18 years old. Currently I am doing BA. You know very well that English has been made part of our life. When I was in 10th class, my aunt visited my home. She is an English teacher. My mother was worried about my English preparation so she asked my aunt whether I would get passing marks in English. Immediately, my aunt asked me to show her my English book. She asked me to read a paragraph. I couldn't even read a paragraph. I felt bad. My aunt told me about the importance of English in these days. I decided that I have to improve my English. Hence I joined Interview Gyan.

When I joined the first batch, during the classes, I had lots of doubts in English tenses, modals, preposition etc. I was not able to speak English and apart from that I had hesitation. Priyanka ma’am used to teach us and she would clear all our doubts. Some activities used to be done by ma’am like Wander - Ponder and Group Discussions for removing our hesitation. Different worksheets used to be provided. Ma'am used to record our performances. After watching the videos we would know our mistakes and my grammar really improved. After the batch was over I told the admin department that I wanted to join one more batch. I was allowed to attend Ghazal ma’am batch. From the first batch I have learnt many things so now I do not have grammar doubts. Many activities that have been done in this batch are good for my speaking like Ma’am told us how to give presentations and how to interact with people etc. Due to these activities, I improved my communication skills and personality. After attending the classes I have been told by many friends that I have improved in English communication. When I went to my hometown for a few days then a few people told me, “You have totally changed.”; “Your English has become very nice.” I really felt good at that time. Even my mother told me that your personality has changed, how did you do this? I simply told them about Interview Gyan.

“I was nervous on the first day, but thanks to my trainer, I became comfortable in just 2-3 days”

-Trisandhya, Jayoti Vidyapeeth

I can’t forget my first day at Interview Gyan. I was very nervous and not at all confident. Since I was a very hesitant person, there were a million questions running in my head. “How will I speak with people in the class? How will I ask questions?” But thanks to my trainer, I became very comfortable in just 2 to 3 days. My trainer helped me a lot to overcome my hesitation. The activities like Wander-Ponder and personal attention by the trainer on me (and everyone) were the key reasons of my improvement. My experience was marvelous. I can speak with confidence today with the help of Interview Gyan. Thanks to IG.

“I didn’t speak a single word on the first day and today I am speaking about my experience.”

-Vishal,JECRC college, Jaipur

It was a good experience to be a part of Interview Gyan. When I came to Interview Gyan, I didn’t speak English. The course gave me all knowledge of Tenses in initial one week. After 1 week, I was able to speak in English. I have never seen a person like Priyanka Ma’am. She gave me confidence. I am comparing my first day and last day at Interview Gyan. On my first day, when Priyanka Ma’am gave me a topic to speak on, at that time I didn’t speak a single word but today I am easily speaking about my experience. This is my improvement. I am going today but I will always remember the sessions.

“The trainer focused on each and every student.”

-Amrita, Job Seeker

My name is Amrita. I did Masters from Allahabad Agriculture Institute. I did schooling from Ranchi. Currently, I am searching job in IT sector. 6 years ago I got married and I have a 5 years old daughter. When she got admission in Gurukul preschool then I had to go to her school on every second Saturday for Parents-Teachers meeting. There her class teacher always used to talk in English and I used to reply in Hindi. I used to feel very low. Then I thought I should join any institute to improve my communication skills but I did not get time for it as my daughter was only three years old then.

Few months back I started to search job as a software developer. I faced a few interviews also but couldn't clear any. I realized that to clear the interviews there must be confidence along with good communication skills and I was lacking both. So I thought that it was the right time to join an institute. I searched on the Internet and saw many institutes. Then I came to know about Interview Gyan. There were a lot of positive reviews about the institute on Google. That convinced me to join here. My trainer was very knowledgeable and focused on each and every student properly. Each class used to start with Wonder and Ponder activity in which when we used to communicate with other students on a given topic, the trainer used to listen to each and every student and whenever she found any mistake she used to correct us.

Every grammar topic was covered here in the course. I especially liked the Bullet Points concept. Earlier I wasn't aware of how to give a speech on a particular topic but through the bullet point concept I can do that now on any topic, be it political / general topic. I really appreciate the activity. After joining IG, I have improved a lot in communication skills and my thought process has become structured.

I recently appeared for two interviews through video calling. I talked to the interviewer in English confidently and I did not take much time before speaking. I will surely say that Interview Gyan has helped me in improving my personality.

“Earlier I spoke only 30% of the times in English, now I speak 60% of the times in English.”

-Pooja, Software Engineer, HCL

My name is Pooja. I have done B.Tech (computer science) from Punjab Technical University. I have been working in HCL for last 3.5 years as a Software Engineer. My role is to handle Development as well as Production Activity, working on tools like SSRS, run PL-SQL queries like stored procedures, functions etc. In the last 1 year, I faced interviews in many different companies. Most of the time, I cleared technical round but couldn’t clear HR round. At that time I realized that my communication skills need to be improved. So, I decided to join classes. I searched the institutes on Google and read the feedbacks on the website. Finally, I joined IG. There were many activities conducted during the course like Wander-Ponder, Group Discussions. These activities helped to improve the communication skills and gave me confidence to speak in English. Before 2 months, I didn’t have confidence. I would speak only 30% in English but now, I speak 60% of the times in English. I am satisfied with the training.

“What worked for me was the Bullet Point Technique. I used to go blank in impromptu speeches. Not anymore. The technique is simple and you start speaking logically.”


I am a B.A (Delhi University)2nd year student. I am also doing Apparel Manufacturing Technology Course from ATDC Noida. I did my schooling from K.V. Noida. It was very early that I realized that my communication skills were poor. When I was in school, whenever my teacher gave me a topic to speak, I couldn’t speak. I enquired about the Spoken English Courses in Noida through Just Dial and got to know about Interview Gyan. I have improved my English Communication Skills through the course. What worked for me was the Bullet Point Technique. I used to go blank in impromptu speeches. Not anymore. The technique is simple and you start speaking logically.