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School Program

Our flagship program “Learn English” has been customized for school students of class 6 to class 12.

Benefits Of

School Program

Early Start to Personality Building

The foundations of a great personality are laid in the early stages of life. The School Program teaches the proven techniques to the students at a time when they have ample opportunities to practice them.

Strong Grammar Foundation

We teach the application of grammar in day- to- day conversation through Visualization of Tenses, a technique that helps native Hindi speaking students to converse in English with less grammar mistakes.

Fight Stage Fear

To be corporate ready, it is essential that the students drop their weaknesses in school. With fun filled activities, students readily participate in speaking exercises, weakening the roots of fear and hesitation.

Leverage Existing Skills

Key Activities in the program like Bullet Point leverage the skills such as Story Telling that School Students already possess, thus building on existing skills to make them Impactful Speakers.

Glimpses of Program at

Ramagya School, Sector 50, Noida

College Program

Our flagship programs “Learn English” and “Interview Training” have been integrated to offer comprehensive solution to College Students

Benefits Of

College Program

360° Solution

With a wide range focus ranging from communication skills to Interview Cracking Skills, the course offers a one stop solution to Personality Development.

Increased Employability

Carefully crafted activities focus on building the skills that are most sought after by the companies in the employees, thus making the students employable.

Individual Attention

Get free access to Phone Sessions for tailored practice sessions that provide solution specific to the needs of each student, assuring everyone’s improvement.

Be Job ready

Innovative activities that teach structured and impactful speaking not only increase career opportunities but prepare students for challenges in the corporate world, thus building on existing skills to make them Impactful Speakers.

Glimpses of Program at

Christ Institute of Management, Ghaziabad

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